Here is what people have to say about working  with Cherry Point Properties:


When we were getting ready to sell our house, we interviewed several realtors.  Geoff stood out from the others we interviewed.  His knowledge of the real estate business and his eagerness to work hard for us was clear.  Throughout the sale process he continued to to impress us.  He provided excellent, personalized guidance on preparing the house for sale.  This really paid off later when we received the price we were asking for the house.  He often went over and beyond what you would expect from a realtor, such as taking our dogs out of the house for showings by other realtors.  His marketing strategies were spot on and resulted in a quick sale.  He really became a friend that we trusted and counted on. Now that the sale is over, we know we made the right choice when we selected Geoff!

Roylynn M. – Client


I have worked with Geoff and his clients for many years on numerous transactions throughout Denver.  Working with Geoff is always a refreshing experience as his knowledge about the many factors and issues in buying or selling a home is second to none.  I have seen Geoff carefully advise and guide his clients through the most critical decision point in a transaction – resulting in the best possible outcome for his clients.  I would highly recommend working with Geoff.

Jayne Bail – Mortgage Professional

I recently worked with Geoff on a transaction where I was the buyer’s broker and Geoff represented the seller – it was a great experience!  Geoff had advised his client to prepare their home, both in pricing and appearance, in a way that made my buyer want to buy this house immediately – we wrote a full price offer hours after looking at the house. I think it’s a tribute to his knowledge and experience in so many different facets of the industry.  Once we went under contract, working with Geoff to coordinate and work through the closing issues that typically come up was a breeze – late night phone calls, text messages, email and on-site meetings helped make sure that both buyer and seller moved forward to a successful transaction.   In the end, Geoff’s seller was happy, my buyer was happy and the deal was successful.  I look forward to working with Geoff in the future, and, were I not already a broker, I would have no hesitation in using his services myself.

Kim Salacinski – Realtor


Geoff recently represented me, helping me sell my home of 17 years and then helping me find the perfect replacement.  On the sale side, thanks to his foresight and advice, I was able to plan for listing my home well in advance and prepare it to sell.  In fact, if it wasn’t for his advice, I might have completely missed the opportunity to sell my home in time to get a new loan and move in to a new house.

To prepare for listing my home he hired an interior designer to help guide my preparation and staging of the house, he hired an appraiser to help me feel comfortable with the pricing and then he hired a professional photographer to photograph and do a virtual tour of the home – he paid for it all!

Once we had the house photographed, he even suggested we raise the price over what we had originally planned and what the appraiser recommended – ADVICE THAT PAID OFF WITH AN EXTRA $7,000 IN MY POCKET! I think it’s a testament to his feel for today’s market that he has from his years of experience in real estate.

Once we went under contract he was a lifesaver!  Since I work full-time, I couldn’t be there to let contractors in, or do the things we needed to do to complete the transaction – he was there.   Through the process, he helped explain details about plumbing, wiring, sewer lines, foundations, roofing and other things that I have no clue about – WITHOUT HIM, I’M NOT SURE I COULD HAVE GOTTEN MY HOME SOLD, AND CERTAINLY WOULDN”T HAVE MADE THE MONEY I DID!

Once we went under contract he went to work scouring the market for the perfect replacement.  He knew so much about so many different areas of town that we quickly narrowed down the options to a couple of great neighborhoods that fit the bill, and he began to watch them like a hawk.  It saved me a ton of time in looking around.

When a house came available in one of my top choice neighborhoods he was on it and we were inside as soon as possible.  Despite the fact I was immediately in love with the house, and would have paid full price in a heartbeat – he did the research on the neighborhood sales and quickly explained to me how and why it was overpriced (turned out that the broker listing the house didn’t do their homework like Geoff did).  We quickly planned out what to negotiate and he advised me on the risks and possible outcomes so I could make the best decision.  Negotiations went back-and-forth, but by the time was all said-and-done – I had the house of my dreams for much less than I was willing to pay!

Though I will likely not move again, I would certainly use Geoff again in a heartbeat, and would highly recommend him to anyone who wants more from their real estate broker!

Julie H. – Client


We met Geoff through one of his listings in Cherry Point when we were looking at homes in the neighborhood.  His knowledge of the area and ties to the neighborhood made it a no-brainer to use him to find our next home.  We were moving from the Platt Park area and hadn’t planned on using him to sell our house there, but after getting to know him we decided he was a great fit for us on the sale as well.

We went after several homes, some just hours after listing – but, we kept getting beat out by cash buyers – it was a really tough time to buy.  Then one day he called about a home he had heard was coming up in Cherry Point – the only catch was that the home had some big repair issues and the owner was about to spend  a lot of money to get them fixed prior to listing – plus, they were starting work in 3 days!  Geoff persuaded the owner and her broker to allow us to view the home before they did the work – and we were soon under contract!

That was only the start…as we went through the inspections, we discovered the home’s repair issues were far greater than anyone had thought.  Our first inclination was to walk away, but Geoff helped us understand what the real opportunity was with the home – and what it was worth.  Now, we just needed to negotiate the price to a level that would make it all work.  Geoff put together an incredibly detailed and persuasive explanation of the situation and our position, and presented it to the owner and her broker.  It worked!

At the same as all this was happening he was going full speed on listing our current home since we had a short window to get it under contract or the deal was off. Once we did, it was remarkable how it all came together with all of the moving parts – he structured the purchase contract and the sale contract deadlines to all fit together – and when hiccups came up with our lender, he worked with everyone to get through them to make it all happen.  When an inspection item came up on our current house he even helped save a big chunk of money by avoiding an expensive plumbing repair with a simple fix he knew about!!

In the end, Geoff sold our home for the highest price paid in the area and we upgraded to a great home in a wonderful neighborhood which we bought at a great price thanks to his efforts!  None of this would have happened if it were not for Geoff!!

Thank you so much for your professionalism, and the ease and comfort experienced during this working relationship!

Terry R. and Judy B. – Clients

As an attorney, I had the opportunity to work with Geoff on a transaction (in Cherry Point), in which my client was a party.  Geoff was great to work with throughout the entire process – the back-and-forth of the negotiations was smooth and very professional.  When sticking points came up, as they always do, we worked together to resolve them quickly and in a way that was beneficial for all parties involved.  His attention to the details of the transaction was refreshing and it made what could have been a difficult closing a smooth and easy process. In my years as an attorney specializing in real estate, I have worked with many different realtors, and I can honestly say that Geoff’s representation was of the highest caliber that I have seen.

Jessica Kosares – Esq., Alderman Bernstein LLC