Seller Services

Cherry Point Properties’ goal is to provide the highest possible level of service and value so that you can sell your home in a timely manner and receive the best possible price. All of the services below are included in our standard commission and each one fills a critical role in preparation and sale of your home. These services help form the backbone of our core value proposition of providing you with a superior level of service and value for your commission dollar.

1.  We bring an independent, entrepreneurial ethic to the marketing and sale of your home. – Just listing a house and waiting for a buyer is a sure bet for a long, drawn-out selling effort, and a mediocre sale price – we avoid this by examining all options for getting your home sold and by utilizing a comprehensive marketing approach, treating your home like the tremendous asset it is.

2. We engage a professional interior designer to provide a staging assessment of your home. – The designer can help identify what it will take to stage your home so it shows at its best and sells faster.

3. We provide a professional home tour and photograph package for your home. – The virtual tour and quality photos are critical tools to display your home and show it at its best.

4. We provide a professional measurement verification and floor plan for your home. – Each square foot translates to dollars, so it’s best to have the actual numbers vs. relying on inaccurate Public records (which many brokers do).

5. We develop an individual web presence for each listing with its own web address. – Your home should be featured exclusively and not lumped in with a bunch of other listings on a web site. The site builds exposure and provides an exclusive information resource about your home.

6. We pay attention to your home every day. – We keep daily tabs on your home’s showing activity, presentation and appearance, making sure it always shows at its best (even the simple things like keeping the sign straight and the brochure box full).

7. We leverage all available technologies to market your home and hunt down prospective buyers. – With our  technology background, we have the ability to utilize powerful tools to market your home to all real estate brokers.  We can also collect data from the local MLS system that helps us identify prospective buyers for your home.

8. We personally call active brokers in the local area and publicize the home. – We network with brokers who may have buyers looking in your area. By doing so we can hunt down prospects instead of waiting for them to find us.

9. We actively market in print, on the web and via social media. – Using traditional and new media to advertise your home gets it in front of the best prospects. We know where these buyers are and how to target them.

10. We personally arrange each showing. – We want to speak with every broker before they tour your home to inform them about the home and the neighborhood’s selling features. By doing this, we can also help ensure that their buyer is a good fit for your home so you don’t end up preparing frantically for a showing that is unproductive.

11. We personally follow up each showing. – A simple phone call to the prospect’s broker after a showing can quickly address any objections and secure meaningful feedback. Most brokers solicit feed back through email surveys only.

12. We utilize our experience and expertise in real estate appraisal to ensure you get the best possible price for your home. – Most real estate brokers defer to appraisers on issues of value and price – our appraisal background can be highly effective in both price negotiation and overcoming issues with the buyer’s appraisal.

If you must make the difficult decision to move on from your current home, we urge you to interview several brokers to find the right one for you. Ask what services they provide and what is included in the commission. We are confident that once you do, there is no other broker that can offer a remotely comparable level of service and value for your home selling process, and we know that no other broker can bring the same level of experience and passion to the sale of your home.

If you are considering the sale of your home, we would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss my services and how we can help you achieve the best result in the sale of your home.