Our Service Ethic

Cherry Point Properties is dedicated to providing an unparalleled level of client service, helping our clients quickly and efficiently find the perfect property, negotiate the best possible price and smoothly navigate the complicated closing process.

Reliable and Professional – Cherry Point Properties offers a  private client ethic to each relationship – treating each client with the respect that they deserve while continually respecting the significance of the transaction at hand.

Unparalleled Market Knowledge – Whether its the heart of a major metro or a crossroads in a rural outpost, Cherry Point Properties has worked there!  You can leverage our knowledge to quickly identify the area and property type that will best suit your needs.

Superior Property Search Capabilities – Not all properties are publicly listed! We regularly tap our network of professionals across the country to find opportunities before they hit the big data providers.  We also leverage our unique knowledge of technology and data systems to unlock big data like no other brokerage, returning superior search results and helping you find the right property quickly.

A Deep Appreciation of the Value of Your Time – Cherry Point Properties understands the value, and worth, of your time. We endeavor to make your property search efficient and effective, provide you a clear path to navigate due diligence and ensure a smooth LOI-to-closing process, so you can focus on your big picture.

Unbeatable Negotiation Support – Cherry Point Properties possesses an unparalleled understanding of the drivers of property value across a range of property types and locations which we share with our clients to ensure they pay the right price and secure the best deal.

Connected and Informed – Cherry Point Properties utilizes our broad network of service professionals and experts including property inspectors, attorneys, lenders, contractors and appraisers to assist our clients in understanding the opportunity at hand and navigating the closing process.

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