Merrill/C3 Bond Fund Allocation

Just came across this story on Fox31 regarding Merrill/C3 (one of our former schools) and their efforts to allocate spending from  $2.8 million dollar bond award:

“The C3/Merrill building was awarded $2.8 million in bond funds to make high-priority physical improvements. A team of 12 parents, teachers and principals from both C3 and Merrill volunteered to figure out how to spend the money.”

Good to hear that they will be making improvements to the school, but as Denver continues to develop, there may be a need to look more long term as to how to best utilize the Cory/Merrill campus land and the effectiveness of maintaining/updating each of the older buildings on this large infill site.

DPS needs to start taking a holistic approach to all of their real estate assets and ensuring they are put to the highest and best use in serving their students and District residents.

They should examine  the feasibility of  re-allocating land use on their campus land, such as at Cory Merril, South High and Southmoor,  developing more land-use efficient school buildings/facilities and developing affordable housing on the remainder of the land so that District teachers can have an affordable place to live.   These campuses in particular are well suited to adding residential uses as they are inefficiently utilized and close to transit and transportation networks.  There are likely other location opportunities as well.    By providing affordable housing for teachers on District property, this could be a win-win on several fronts, namely in attracting top-tier teaching talent to the district to create better outcomes for students, the District and the City.

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