Cherry Hills Village – Third Wealthiest Town According to Bloomberg

Bloomberg came out with their annual ranking (LINK) of “Richest Places”, and Cherry Hills Village was ranked third in their report behind Atherton,CA and Scarsdale, NY.

The article cited accessibility to a city center as a key characteristic in the rankings and quoted managing broker at Sotheby’s International Realty, Steve Blank as saying “it happens to be located kind of beautifully.”

For those that live in nearby neighborhoods such as Southmoor, U-Hills, Wellshire, Southern Hills, Englewood and especially those such as Cherry Point, Belmont Heights and Southmoor Park along Happy Canyon Road, the good news is they get to enjoy virtually the same accessibility characteristics as Cherry Hills Village, across a spectrum of home prices and neighborhood environments, all at lower property tax rates.

(This article it also one of the main reason that developers are swirling around the Happy Canyon Shopping Center trying to pick up the pieces.)



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