Meow Wolf???

Recently, Meow Wolf announced they are building a 90,000 SF arts complex in the Sun Valley neighborhood and work on the site has started.  Huh?

What is Meow Wolf: an art collective based in Santa Fe, they built a large, immersive art installation that you go into, walk through and engage with via an interactive story, and by most accounts, come out blown away by the experience.  Its a pretty big deal in Santa Fe.



Where is Sun Valley: West of I-25, South of Colfax, North of 8th, East of Federal. Home to RTD’s W line (west to Golden) Decatur/Federal Station.  It has historically been a mix of industrial and residential properties and home to the Denver Housing Authority Sun Valley property.  DHA has bee actively been buying additional property in the area. Many Bronco fans know it for its parking in proximity to Mile High Stadium (yes, I know what the proper name is).  It has also been sought after by marijuana growers in past years for its small industrial spaces, some of which were home to artists too.  Recently, CDOT purchased property near the rail station and is developing a new headquarters facility.  A project called Steam On The Platte is transforming a former steam plant into a river-front mixed use facility, Lyft is a tenant.   The Meow Wolf project will be an additional catalyst for the already changing area.

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