Happy Canyon Update

Work seems to be progressing on the building modifications.  Tony’s has a floor plan up on their website and some architect’s renderings are available at this site:


A person familiar with the project told me recently that they expect the owner’s work to be completed by fall 2018 and that tenant work would likely not be completed until spring 2019.

Here are some images which may be current as of February 2018, which were posted at: the https://archinect.com/tinatownsendpoole/project/market-and-wine-shop-at-happy-canyon site:



I have heard recently that the breakfast spot is not going to be Egg and I as drawn on these images, but rather another local restaurant which has another location in the south metro area.

Also, the adjacent Burger King is closed and Starbuck’s is reportedly taking that space, according to several sources.

Here are a couple recent photos of the work in progress – taken from the corner on Happy Canyon – possibly where the restaurant space will go:



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