Where would I buy investment property right now????

Virginia Village.  Value anchored by Krisana Park and Proximity to Cherry Creek, relatively affordable homes on large lots. Lots of nearby school choices.  Ester’s (a Fee Pizza or the Belly sandwich and Sunday Bloody Mary bar are a must!) and Sojourners, and now this from Denverite:

The city documents show Kentro is proposing to create “225 walkup housing units to be sold at market rate and develop 50 to 80 units of senior housing ” near South Holly Street and Evans Avenue.

About a mile to the northwest, Kentro is proposing to develop the western portion of the land at South Colorado Boulevard and East Arkansas Avenue for commercial purposes and the eastern portion for 150 affordable housing units, according to the city”  

Some may disagree, but I think the Holly/Evans site will be a huge catalyst for transformation of the East Evans Corridor and will be good for Virginia Village.

esters 1: