New Denver Infill – Park Hill Golf Course

The recent news that the Clayton Early Learning Foundation is discussing selling the Park Hill Golf Course to the City of Denver opens the possibility that the golf course will be redeveloped.  This is a shock to many, but not surprising considering the decline in golf combined with the mediocre performance of this course.  The revenue the Foundation received from the golf course operator is a paltry sum compared to the $20.5 million they can get for the course.

Many people profess shock and dismay when their local golf course hit the auction block and is picked up by a developer.  At the end of the day, golf courses represent large, often infill development opportunities.  As the number of people golfing declines, the need for the number and scope of these courses diminishes. In many cases, the courses can be partially replaced with dense development , while preserving open space.

Need proof?  The 18 hole Deer Creek golf course recently narrowly avoided being converted to 9 hole with the front nine being redeveloped:

Future of Deer Creek Golf Course swings into viewDeer Creek

Source: The Denver Post