I-70 Mountain Traffic – Connected Vehicles Ecosystem (RoadX)

Quality of life is one of the main drivers of economic growth and real estate development in Denver.  Much of that quality of life is attributable to mountain access, much of which occurs on I-70.  As anyone who has driven the corridor on weekend can tell you, there are some major threats to our quality of life due to the volumes of traffic traveling I-70.

CDOT has recently added a toll lane on east bound (well worth the money) and is examining other measures to improve conditions on the corridor – one of which is a Connected Vehicle Ecosystem.  This is a system that will allow greater collection and communication of roadway data directly to vehicles to enable smooth traffic flow.   It looks like testing and planning have been completed for this system and it is on the cusp of initial implementation:


Hopefully this is a step toward the future of self-driving technology that will enable vehicle automation/driver assist such that the stop and go and erratic actions of humans – which is the main cause of the backups – can be minimized.

Next we need a full highway toll system – and we need to get the resort towns to begin subsidizing some of this as they are the biggest direct beneficiaries of these costly systems.

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