Denver housing market to benfit from Boomers and Millenials

The following article in the DBJ confirms what I’ve been seeing on the ground:

Denver poised for increase in baby boomer home sales

Over the past year, I have observed a noticalble up-tick in the number of Baby Boomers moving to Denver.  There are a couple different drivers, which the article mentions: Quality of life, strong economy and lower tax rates.

One additional driver is the multiplier effect of tDenver being a prime destination for Millenials. As these millenials age and settle down to start families, they will begin to plant roots here.  As these roots take hold, their parents will soon follow, mainly to be close to their children and grandchildren, but also to take advantage of the other factors described above.  I have seen this trend play out in real time amongst Gen-X’ers and other predecessors to the Millenials,  the trend will only accellarate when the Millenials settle in….