Moving Tips

The home buying and selling process is an arduous endeavor.  The final step, and possibly one of the most stressful – is the move.  The stress of the moving day can be doubly impacted if you are not able to close until that day.  I always try to write contracts for my clients that allow for at least 1 day between closing and moving.


A recent article in the Denver Post has some other good tips for preparing for a move.

My observations from my most recent move and from the moves my clients have made is that it will always take longer than the movers say it will. Preparing in advance and having everything packed and ready prior to the truck getting there is the only way to make it happen quicker.  Being ruthless in sorting out your possessions ahead of time can also reduce the amount of junk that you move.

I would also suggest that you arrange in advance to have a third person available to stay at the house with the movers if you need to be away.  And, definitely try to find someone to watch your children – away from the house.

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