New Stores in Hilltop

Driving down Holly the other day I noticed the former gas station at Cedar and Holly has been torn down and a new retail strip is being built.  Pete’s Market, which is across the street, has been an institution on this corner of Hilltop / Crestmoor for years and will now have a little  company.


Hope they get some good tenants! (Coffee Shop?, Yoga Studio?, Smoothie Store?)

I used to live in the area a few years back and loved to go to Pete’s  to grab some fresh veggies or last minute items – or hit the deli for a sandwich.    These types of small neighborhood markets are what breathe life into neighborhoods and communities throughout Denver – and create value for surrounding homeowners!

The prices may be a bit steeper than your Super Target, but you can’t beat the convenience! Plus where do you see an actual cash register anymore?