WalMart Killed the Deal

From Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman’s monthly newsletter:

…the proposed insertion of Wal-Mart as the tenant anchor was a tipping point for new scrutiny of the project which I feel needs a greater mix of uses and a more urban feel. I am concerned the present proposal would likely draw from other retail in the area and thus not produce a true tax increment.

From my perspective, I am gratified that cooler heads have prevailed on this issue. The  controversy has been a good thing for the community and the City – saving everyone money in the long run I believe.  The addition of Walmart  refocused attention on what a critical infill opportunity this site presents for the City, and the far reaching impacts on any development on this site.  Hopefully, this will lead to a more thorough and wide-ranging examination of development options for the site  with the highest-and-best-use for all involved.

For those living in the area, be sure to stay tuned to Councilwoman Susman’s newsletter updates regarding the Buckley Annex.  Buckley Annex is the last phase of the redevelopment of the former Lowry Airforce Base.  It is a large infill area (70 acres) between Monaco and Quebec, south of 1st Avenue.  It will impact people in the Lowry, Hilltop, Crestmoor, Hale, Mayfair, Richtofen, Cherry Creek, Congress Park, Winston Downs and other surrounding areas:

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