WalMart Development Hits a Bump

According to 9 News, the upcoming public meeting about the proposed development at 9th and Colorado has been postponed  and two council members have come out in opposition to the TIF the developer had sought:

In the battle over a proposed Walmart at 9th and Colorado, the anti-Walmart faction now has the support of two Denver city council members and the developer has been sent back to the drawing board.

A public meeting scheduled for this Thursday has been canceled, as developer Jeff Fuqua tries to come up with a new financial development plan for the old University of Colorado hospital campus.

It sounds like at least one  Council Member realized that this plan is not the best option for this site – according to the 9news piece:

“It is a good property and the economy is rebounding,” (Mary-Beth) Susman said. “[Fuqua] can do a more mixed use job, or there will be other developers who will be interested.”

Stay tuned to see how this unfolds….