Developer’s Presentation – 9th and Colorado Walmart

Found some traffic data as well as the developer’s presentation with traffic numbers.  I am no traffic engineer, so I can’t attest to the accuracy or reasonableness of the data or information presented.

First the history from CDOT data:

Sample Date Trip Count
Jul-11 62,000
May-08 58,091
Jun-05 61,256
May-02 59,972
Feb-00 63,049

The relative consistency of the traffic over the 12 year period is interesting.

NEXT, The developers presentation from August 29, 2012  (View HERE).

Highlights regarding traffic:

• APPROXIMATELY 27,400 vehicle-trips per day
• 2,400 trips during peak hours
• APPROXIMATELY 13,991 vehicle-trips per day
• 2,200 total trips during PM peak hours (similar to historic uses)
• AM Peak Hour decreases by ALMOST HALF
• 13%-14% of site trips would remain internal
• Daily vehicle-trips represent half from historical uses
• Internal trips further reduces Colorado Blvd. traffic toward
southbound retailers

Here are my quick breakouts of their data:

Type SF (K) SF Share Trips Trip/1000 SF
Office 21.00 3% 231 11.0
Retail 262.10 36% 12703 48.5
Bank 8.67 1% 1285 148.1
Apt. 423.00 58% 2813 6.7
Dining 17.00 2% 2162 127.2
Total 731.77 100%

The retail is clearly the most traffic intense use (when SF Share and Trips/1000 SF are considered) and the office and apartment uses are the least intense.  If you replaced all the retail with 4 story residential (apartment/condo), I estimate you would generate 5000 fewer trips, plus reduce the surface parking need (retail is more parking intense than multifamily).  Blend in more office and traffic counts are reduced even further.

Developer’s main selling point on traffic is that its 1/3 the trips originating from CU med center when it was active, which makes it sound like this really will not increase traffic that much. But bottom line is 14,000 additional trips.  Additional trips flow into the neighborhoods.  According to their Site Trip Dist. map,  – from what I can tell, roughly 30% of the 14,000 (4,200 VPD) flows into residential side streets, 8th, 9th and Hale Parkway. That means 70% goes to Colorado, which is 9,800 additional trips on Colorado per day.

Does anyone remember traffic on Colorado when CU was there???  My impression is traffic is worse today on Colorado than 10 years ago…CU moved from 1998 to 2008, so I’m not sure that my data from CDOT fully reflects shows the 27,000 trips from historical CU traffic.