Former University of Colorado Health Sciences Campus Redevelopment

In the news lately is the redevelopment of the former University of Colorado Health Sciences Campus at 9th and Colorado adjacent to Rose Medical Center.  After some fits and starts, the recently created Fuqua Development  is currently planning redevelopment of the 28 acre campus.  This is one of many high-profile infill development opportunities in Denver.

The project includes a proposal for a small format WalMart, which has generated some controversy from local neighbors.  Points of contention include the usual: parking, traffic, etc.  but also general criticism of the WalMart business model and its impact on local business.   The developer maintains the WalMart is essential to make the economics of the project work.

The project is also notable for the recent announcement that Trader Joes will locate its first Denver store at 8th and Colorado.

The redevelopment of the campus could ultimately be of benefit for the surrounding neighborhoods of Mayfair, Montclair, Hilltop, Park Hill and Congress Park as it could become a vibrant mixed use development right in their shadows.  There will be attendant headaches though throughout, and it will likely be a long time until the full development is realized.

I think the biggest issue will be dealing with traffic and parking in the area.  Colorado Boulevard is already a bottleneck in the area while the site is lightly populated.  Add high visibility retail, office and additional residences will add a significant amount of daily trips to the roads – forcing some travelers off the main thoroughfares in into the side streets and secondary arterial streets.

Trader Joes may be the first test of the area and traffic. …

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