Cherry Hills Village – Colorado’s highest income community

Denver Business Journal reports that Cherry hills Village (right next door to Cherry Point) has the highest median income of any community in Colorado.

This is one of the aspects that makes Cherry Point such an underrated, undervalued neighborhood.  Living in the shadow of Cherry Hills has its benefits in that home values are always supported by the upper end in Cherry Hills Village.  Living next to Cherry Hills Village also has the added benefit of access to an unbelievable network of trails and horse paths throughout Cherry Hills that are great for running, mountain biking or hiking – all right in the middle to the Denver Metro area!
Proximity to good public schools, private schools, shops and restaurants, access to highway and light rail – all while being right at the edge of the biggest rural expanse in the Denver Metro area, full of gorgeous homes, quiet rural lanes, secluded paths and endless mountain vistas – what more could you ask for??