2011 NAR Community Preference Survey

This survey has some great nuggets of info – very useful when marketing a home or determining the most desirable place to live in Denver.  A few key points:

The 2011 Community Preference Survey reveals that, ideally, most Americans would like to live
in walkable communities where shops, restaurants, and local businesses are within an easy walk. (Great news for Denver’s Cherry Point neighborhood)

When selecting a community, nearly half of the public (47%) would prefer to live in a
city (19%) or a suburban neighborhood with a mix of houses, shops, and businesses
(28%).  Another four in ten (40%) would prefer a rural area (22%) or a small town (18%).  (Cherry Point has a mix of pretty much all of the above)

Nearly six in ten adults (58%) would prefer to live in a neighborhood with a mix of houses and stores and other businesses within an easy walk.

While walkability is seen as a desirable attribute by most, majorities of Americans are
willing to live in communities where they have to drive most places if it means they
would have larger lots with more distance from neighbors

More than three-quarters of Americans (78% very or somewhat important) consider
being within 30 minutes of work important in choosing where to live, making it among
the most important factors tested, behind privacy (Cherry Point is 15 minutes from everything, plus has large lots and privacy!)

Based on the survey’s results – if you described all of the features inherent in Cherry Point – it might very well rank as denver’s best neighborhood!

Full survey here